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Like any NFC tag, AirTag can be used for automation shortcuts

Like any NFC tag, AirTag can be used for automation shortcuts

The AirTag is equipped with an NFC chip, which comes in handy when you lose it. Any modern smartphone can “scan” the advisor and obtain information that the owner has left, such as the phone number to call. But this also makes it an NFC tag like any other, which means you can use AirTag as part of automation with the Shortcuts app.

Shortcuts can link AirTag with an automation that turns on automatically after the notification is displayed (picture generation).

It is not specific to AirTags at all, it is an update back to iOS 13 and we have mentioned it in detail in a previous article:

An important reminder, this automation only works on modern iPhones, namely iPhone XS and later generations. IPads, especially the Apple Watch, cannot automate NFC tagging, unfortunately.

Follow the explanations Data in the other article To see how automation is linked to the AirTag. To do what? We can imagine several scenarios, such as sending a message saying we have arrived safely by scanning the AirTag placed on our keys. Or offer a list of things to remember by scanning the item in your bag. You can link any shortcut, and even use AirTag to turn on the lights through HomeKit, if you want.

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