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‘Life Story’ at the heart of the Quy Nun Summer Science School | association

Binh Dinh (VNA) – The International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education will host the 9th Science Summer School in Quy Nun City, Central Binh Dinh Province, on Tuesday, 2 August.

"life story" In the heart of the Summer Science School in Quy Nh Nh Hinh 1The ninth edition of the Science Summer School will be held from August 2-5. Photo: ICISE / CVN

In its ninth edition, entitled Life History, the Summer Science School runs until Friday, August 5th. In addition to providing them with innovative sciences such as blockchain technology, autonomous cars, renewable energies, digital heritage, etc., 146 participants, all young science enthusiasts, can acquire the necessary knowledge (methodological foundation, practices of natural science courses or social sciences and humanities) In order to engage in scientific research.

All courses are offered face-to-face or online by 20 Vietnamese scholars working in the country and abroad. They do it for free, with the goal of sharing their knowledge and supporting and growing the future scientific “green shoots” of Vietnam.

Dr Tran Thanh Son, Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee, hopes that this Summer Science School will offer young scientists the opportunity to study in a warm environment, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. “Young scientists need to understand that doing science is not just about shutting down ivory towers of knowledge or quiet, cool laboratories, where you sometimes have to go outside for a bowl of fresh air and take advantage of the beauty of the landscape in order to rejuvenate and stimulate your creativity,” he affirms.

In order to become a member and integrate into the Science Summer School community, which currently has tens of thousands of people, every young science enthusiast must pass a rigorous selection process. This year, 146 brilliant students were selected out of nearly 1,000 applicants.

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Along with old sponsors such as the Association “Rencontres du Vietnam”, DEPOCEN, PDG Trust and Vingroup Innovation Fund (VINIF), this year the Science Summer School hosted the participation of the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (VIASM).

Inspiring and supporting brilliant youth

Nowadays, more and more young Vietnamese want to learn science and pursue a research career. However, sometimes they have a distorted view of scientific progress in our current society, these people have many questions about science or the profession of a researcher and tend to lose their resolve quickly.

"life story" In the heart of the Summer Science School in Quy Nh Hinh Anh 2Family photo of participants at the Science Summer School in Quy Nhon. Photo: ICISE / CVN

For the sustainable development of science and research in the country, it will be necessary to start making the younger generations aware of what science really is, but also to provide appropriate scientific training that makes it possible to acquire basic skills for conducting research.

The Science Summer School presents itself as an innovative solution to make this approach a reality. Its aim is to inspire and support younger generations of Vietnamese (including students and young researchers) who have the potential to pursue a career in research. This school is held throughout the year and offers university-wide activities on a non-profit basis. The lectures offered cover the basics of science, addressing the essential skills for becoming a researcher as well as the natural, technical, social and economic sciences.

The Science Summer School is the result of the initiative of a group of young Vietnamese scientists who practice sports abroad and across the country. They wanted to become an inspiration to young students in their home country. It aims to encourage and support Vietnamese students and younger generations who are enthusiastic and enthusiastic to pursue their careers in research.

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The activities of this school are supervised by the Board of Directors, under the auspices of Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh and Professor Jan Tran Tan Van. Students do not pay tuition fees and receive support for their daily expenses if funding conditions allow. The Board of Directors does not charge any remuneration and is responsible for finding funding sources for the expenses necessary to organize the summer university as well as for the travel and accommodation of teachers and students.

The first edition of the Science Summer School was held in August 2013 with the support of the University of Natural Sciences (National University of Hanoi). – CVN / VNa