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License Suspended: He appears in court via video… behind the wheel of his car

License Suspended: He appears in court via video… behind the wheel of his car

A US judge was completely stunned a few weeks ago when a 40-year-old man accused of driving despite his suspended license made a virtual appearance… behind the wheel.

“Mr. Harris, are you driving?” Washtenaw County Judge J. Cedric Simpson was on the spot when the defendant joined the courtroom via video while driving his car, according to a video posted by CBS News on Wednesday.

The unreal scene allegedly occurred on May 15 in a Michigan courthouse, when Corey Harris, 44, got himself in trouble by appearing with both hands on the wheel while appearing for a suspended license.

The forty-year-old man would not have immediately realized the magnitude of his gesture, although he would have confessed his crime before the court in a cheerful tone, as we see in the photos of his appearance before the court, which reached more than 1.8. One million views as of Thursday.

“I'm actually going to my doctor's office. I'm parking right now, this second. Yes, I am.” [maintenant stationné]“We can see him, without worry, throwing on the court.

But his smile would quickly fade when the judge pointed out that he had just broken the law in front of witnesses.

“So maybe I'm not understanding something. This is a driving record with a suspended license. And he was just driving. 'And he doesn't have a license,'” the judge began, almost amused by the defendant's suspicious look.

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Corey Harris's lawyer reportedly tried to defend her client by saying that he had not yet been convicted in the case, before the judge pulled the rug out from under her by sticking to the facts.

“No, I'm looking at his file. He doesn't have a license. I don't even know why he did it,” he said before revoking bail, according to the photos. The defendant will report to the Washington County Jail at 6 p.m. today.

The defendant was completely speechless, then frustrated, and then simply exhaled “Oh my God,” before the appearance was suspended.