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Liberté cream cheese disappears from shelves after more than 85 years

Liberté cream cheese disappears from shelves after more than 85 years

I’ve been working here for 40 years and as far as I can remember Liberty Cream Cheese has always been hereRespond to Saul Restrepo, manager of St-Viateur Bagel, one of Montreal’s most famous bakeries that serves the cake in the shape of a ring, with its Fairmount Street competitor.

And Liberté says on her website, without further explanation, that This product has been discontinued because Liberty can no longer continue to provide the high quality and value product that consumers have come to expect.

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Liberté has been producing cream cheese since 1936. | Photo: freedom

Like bread, Montreal cream cheese Liberty originated from Jewish immigrant communities in Eastern Europe.

It was one of the first products sold by the company founded by the Kaborovsky family, a Jewish family of Russian origin, in Montreal in 1936.

It was the Statue of Liberty that inspired the Kaborovsky family when it came time to name Dairy Products, first Liberty Dairy Products, then Liberty.

Liberté has since diversified its offerings with yoghurts of all kinds in particular. Yoplait acquired the company in 2010, then the multinational General Mills took control last December.

great blacksmith

Montrealer Kat Romanow, who writes a blog specializing in Jewish culinary history, was among the first to point out that Liberté cream cheese had become unobtainable. I dedicated a text to him as a final tribute(A new window).

Today we have lost a product that had important links to the Jewish culinary culture of Montreal, a cherished product that will be sorely missed. »

Quote from Cat Romano

Many netizens shared their discontent on social networks after the news was announced.

What would our smoked salmon bread be without Liberté cream cheese?Said one Twitter user.

full blacksmith…another user replied. My Sunday lunches will never be the same again!

With information from Sarah Levitt, CBC

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