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LG TVs will soon receive an update for Xbox Series X | S.

Since its launch in May, Dolby Vision has achieved mixed reach. In fact, despite the announcement that should be good news, most current TVs simply can’t handle 4K and 120Hz Dolby Vision streams. However, this should soon be a thing of the past if we are to believe LG’s progress.

Thus, the Korean group informed that it is on the way to provide a patch for 2021 TVs to be compatible with the standard. The update is already available on the manufacturer’s website and has been out for a week. At the moment, we are concerned about the OLED G1, C1 and R1 series models. Other models as well as 2020 models should benefit from the patch in the coming weeks. The list of references in question will certainly be sent at a later time.

It is still a major concern at the level of titles with Dolby Vision technology. At the moment, there are only five of them: gears 5And the Hello: Master Chef CollectionAnd the Resident Evil: The VillageAnd the Borderlands 3 And the debris. Hopefully, the increase in the number of compatible TVs will lead to more titles taking advantage of this technology.

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