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Leticia Hallyday, her sweet letter to her daughter Jade's friend

Leticia Hallyday, her sweet letter to her daughter Jade’s friend

Leticia Hallyday sent a letter to her daughter’s friend, Jade, for her birthday.

Leticia Hallyday has had the sweet attention of Jade’s friend. The 16-year-old is in love with Michael Sean Klimniuk, son of French producer Thierry Klimniuk and British actress Gabriella Wright. “Happy birthday to this rare pearl. We love and adore you Michael Sean,” Johnny Hallyday’s widow wrote, commenting on a video where we see his eldest daughter and young man on stage. “Thank you for being my better half for Jed, and seeing you two together is my favorite thing in the world,” the mom-to-be added to this post from Los Angeles.

This post was specifically commented on by Jalil Lispert’s companion Leticia Hallyday, who also had an idea for a teenager on this day. Happy Birthday Michael San!!! The director wrote, “I love you.”

The Parisian and Leticia Hallyday You’ve been in a love story for a few monthsAfter love at first sight in the French capital last October. The two exchanged correspondence for the first time about a film attended by the 45-year-old actor about the life of Taulier, who died in December 2017. Since then they have posted their happiness on social networks, between tender declarations of love and romantic photos. .

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