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Les Olivier Gala nominations | Pierre-Yves-Roy Desmarais is again in the lead

In 2022, Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarches presented himself at the Gala Les Olivier with four citations and left with three statuettes. He’ll once again knock on the door of the comedy gala that aired April 19, with four chances to thank his mom and his manager in advance.

Does Pierre Yves Roy Desmarais own a house in the house? We never asked him the question. But, one thing is for sure, the space will soon be missing on his shelf (real or figurative), which he may have the chance to fill again thanks to his nominations in the categories of Humor Issue, Comedy Showcase, and Writer/Comedy Show of the Year.

The King of the Marshes is also one of the five names in the running for this year’s Olive Tree. Next to him: Sam Britton, Mathieu Dufour, Christine Morency and Arnaud Soule.


Arno Soleil

Furthermore, Sully is the one who follows him closest with three signs, if we include that Sully Club in the TV Comedy Program of the Year category.

David Bocage, Sam Breton, Corinne Cotet, Simon Gouache, Guillaume Pinault and Audrey Rousseau all appear twice on the list of lucky recruits, as does Thomas Levac who represented Def Leppard at the time. Clip fightwill be competing in the Unscripted Comedy Podcast of the Year category (for Open Torquewhich he co-hosted with his girlfriend, Stéphanie Vandelac, and Two princeswhich he co-hosts with his team dear Philippe Audrey Laroux Saint-Jacques).

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In the section on absurdities: How can the word “church” not be omitted by noting Adeeb Al-Khalidi’s absence from the year’s presentation category? Quebecos Taparnac ? Luckily, it was at this year’s author/comedy show.

After the cancellation of an edition in 2020, and two editions in 2021 and 2022 during which the categories related to the stage were cancelled, the Gala Les Olivier will resume on April 19 in its traditional format, on the airwaves of ICI Télé. Twelve figurines bearing Monsieur Guimond will be given away in the evening in the Pierre-Mercure room – and another eight will be distributed in the afternoon during an event hosted by Neev.


Catherine Levack

Led by François Bellefeuil in a bizarre context during a pandemic, this time the party will have Catherine Levac as host. She became the third, and only, woman to inherit this mission, after Lise Dion (host of the first two editions, in 1999 and 2000) and Claudine Mercier (co-host of the third edition).

a few other categories

general discovery

  • Pascale Cameron
  • Michel Desrochers
  • Jean-Michel Martel
  • Matthew Pepper
  • Richardson exhaled

Comedy show of the year

  • Peak and shovel by Sam Britton
  • Beautiful evening by Simon Gouache
  • classic by Cathy Gautier
  • detour by Guillaume Pineault
  • Hat Mom Magic Piano jokes by Pierre Yves Roy Desmares

Author of the Year / Comedy Show

  • Adeeb Al-Khalidi Quebec Tabernacle by Adeeb Al-Khalidi
  • Virginie Fortin for my feelings by Virginie Fortin
  • Simon Gouache, Marie-Christine Lachance, and Pascal Milloux Beautiful evening by Simon Gouache
  • Guillaume Pineault, Yan Bilodeau and Simon Delisle for favour detour by Guillaume Pineault
  • Pierre-Yves-Roy Desmarais, Alexandre Forest and David Bocage Hat Mom Magic Piano jokes by Pierre Yves Roy Desmares
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