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Les Olivier: Catherine Levac sends arrows amidst humor in a feminist and incisive opening monologue

Catherine Levac did not hesitate to refer to her environment in her opening monologue, in wonderfully animated form at Les Olivier gala.

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“The party has been around for 24 years. The first two years, Liz Dion hosted. Then there was no solo animator… 22 years. I asked myself: What did Liz do that was so serious that they wouldn’t hire a woman again in an environment that should That it would be too dangerous for you to not be rehired again? »

The comedian also took aim at Radio Canada, the broadcaster of the ceremony, saying how much the network adores her because she ticks several boxes. “I am a French Canadian LGBTQ woman. Imagine if I was still fat, they would freak out!”

The party was held publicly for the first time in three years and the crowd was visibly happy to attend the evening at the Salle Pierre-Mercure. The spectators warmly applauded the host who succeeded François Belleville.

In her opening monologue, Katherine Levac also opened up about having recently given birth to twins. “I was told that it is not recommended to move this party. But the biggest risk is wearing a party dress after breastfeeding two children. My biggest challenge is not peeing on myself.”

Then she compared her “little hanging breasts” to “empty little teabags”. Like Mister Freezes you want the last drop.

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Kathryn Levac finished her number, which wanted to spread love. “I am in good faith. For example, I went to see Christian Begin’s show. I loved him. What is he trying? Let him be. »

Two awards

The evening continued with an introduction by Olivier.

Comedian Fabien Cloutier has been awarded the Olivier Award for Radio Fun Chart of the Year Villainousness, environment and snow managementheard on the show Since you have to get up.

Mathieu Bieber left with Olivier to discover the year, ahead of his colleagues Pascal Cameron, Michel Desrochers, Jean-Michel Martel and Richardson Zephyr.

After a fun number featuring two comedians singing about the good old days, Virginie Fortin, Arnaud-Soleil, Charles Beauchesen, François de Grandpre and Audrey Rousseau were crowned in the Comedy Podcast category with Text of the Year for Worst moments in history with Charles Beauchesne – Season 4.

More details to come.