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Les Héritières sur Arte: What is this social TV movie about exceptional high schools worth with Déborah François and Tracy Gotoas?  Cinema news

Les Héritières sur Arte: What is this social TV movie about exceptional high schools worth with Déborah François and Tracy Gotoas? Cinema news

Arte is broadcasting Les Héritières this evening with Deborah François, Tracy Gutoas and Fanta Kepe. A hit, poignant and with insane precision, it follows the path of a Seine-Saint-Denis teenager who joins the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV.

what is he talking about ?

Sano, an excellent student at a college in Seine-Saint-Denis rated REP+, entered the second year of the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV in Paris. As she struggles to come to terms with her new surroundings, teacher Khadi, a ball of energy and rage with a passion for breakdancing, becomes a third-year student at her old institution. The two teens will have a crucial year.

heirsDirected by Nolwenn Lemesle and written by Laure-Elisabeth Bourdaud and Johanna Goldschmidt.

With Tracy Gutwas, Fanta Kibe, Deborah Francois, Lucy Vigedit, …

Friday 4th June at 8:55pm Arte Day and available until 1st September on

Worth a look?

Les Héritières was presented last February at the Luchon Festival, where it was awarded the Best Original Music Award and, implicitly, for a whole year, to Lycée Henri-IV, a prestigious institution that aims in particular to prepare its students for the great schools that make up the elites of tomorrow. It deals, through various courses but eventually very close to Sanu and Khadi, with precision and sobriety.

Behind the competition that rages in the kind of exceptional high school or preparatory classes, which are so well represented here, TV Nolwenn Lemesle (Des Morceaux de moi) is primarily concerned with the dissident issue.

Sano, who comes from a college in Seine-Saint-Denis and comes from a very humble family, has great difficulty adjusting to this new environment, which she is not very good at. She chooses to hide who she really is until she is better accepted by her fellow-born, who all seem to belong to a certain elite and do not have the same cultural heritage as her.

Emmanuel Jacobson-Roques/Arte

The gaps between Sano and the rest of his promotion are startling and questionable. The impressive workload, the constant hellish pace between the family home and school (until a scholarship to become a teacher for his neighbor Khadi allows him to take a room near Henri-IV)… Sanu gives everything to get him there.

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But soon a real dilemma emerges, which is certainly the heart of this poignant oneness. Torn between her family struggling to see herself free from what was expected of her, which she doesn’t want to deny, and her desire to believe in her dreams of success, will Sanu do the right things? the choice?

From the theses of Bourdieu and Basiron, screenwriters Laure-Elizabeth Bordoud and Jonah Goldschmidt spun a very impressive television film, which, without any pity, makes the choice of vision brighter and more optimistic, even if the report is made about the film. Social inequalities that remain worrisome.

But the success of Les Héritières is also due to its amazing team of young actors, led by Tracy Gotoas (Above the Clouds) and Fanta Kebe (Would you rather?), the unveiling of two television films, which already look shiny and promise. future. Déborah François, in a comprehensive, stimulating and slightly perfect CPE, is excellent. While Lucie Fagedet (Skam France) and Sam Chemoul (Plus belle la vie) confirm all the good we’ve thought about the skin of the Sano co-workers.