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Legislative: 'Don't vote for me', the surprising strategy of a candidate in the balance

Legislative: ‘Don’t vote for me’, the surprising strategy of a candidate in the balance

“Don’t vote for me!” This inscription on the electoral posters of the Libra constituency is surprising. However, it is not a hoax. Jean-Luc Duret says he doesn’t want to be elected 20 minutes. But then why run for these elections? The bottom line is science fiction. The man, an agricultural consultant, has been in charge of the department’s LREM division since 2018. Describing himself to our colleagues as “very energetic,” especially during the presidential election, he expected nothing in return, but thought he was invested by the presidential majority (from now on called the Renaissance.

Especially since the outgoing opposition deputy withdrew in her constituency. But the sequel will leave him disappointed. First, he sees another politician with a parachute in front of him: Patrick Francois. The former director (Grand Est) of the Caisse des Dépôts, finally determines that the man is ineligible, 20 minutes. The information was confirmed just two hours before the final submission of applications, on May 20. “I was advised to submit my file,” Jean-Luc Doré testifies.

Always trust the Renaissance

Except that at the same time, the alternative Renaissance (Anne Bois) of Patrick Francois appeals. Two candidates for the same party, the situation is absurd. So he does not want the votes to be divided in a constituency that already has twelve candidates, despite the disqualification measures launched against him and his suspension as a party reference. Moreover, as he says in 20 minutesHe continues to support Emmanuel Macron, whose “program is the right one for France”.

The indications are clear on his campaign poster: He doesn’t want to “split the Democrats’ vote among a large number of candidates,” and therefore won’t hand out ballots for him. Again, he does not want his party and does not want to shoot red balls at his “competitor”, Anne Bois, but only “watchful of what happened”. Above all, he wants “a politics that considers itself new to knowledge and the ability to get rid of all the backyard hoaxes” that he hoped will “disappear”. And also to face Marine Le Pen, who led with 57% of the vote during the second round of the presidential election.

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