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Legal action against the deportation of immigrants to Rwanda

Legal action against the deportation of immigrants to Rwanda

The unions and unions for the protection of human rights will begin legal action on Wednesday, June 8, and seek to thwart the plan they are considering.IllegalBritish government sends asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Under a highly controversial law that came into force in April, the UK plans to send asylum seekers who arrived illegally on British soil to Rwanda, 6,000 kilometers from London. The first flight carrying migrants to East Africa is scheduled to depart on June 14. PCS, the main union of British government employees, and Care4Calais and Detention Action have filed lawsuits in the High Court against the implementation of this policy.

In an attempt to force asylum seekers to board a flight to Rwanda, (Home Secretary) Priti Patel violated her authority.Said James Wilson, deputy director of preventive action. “It ignores the most obvious dangers and human rights violations for asylum seekers by rushing to place what we deserve as an illegal policy.In Rwanda, he added. “Many people think of it as a beautiful place to run themselves rather than a place to escape from the UKJoined Clare Moseley, Founder of Care4Calais. “We consider the plan with Rwanda to be illegal. We hope the courts will agree with us.

According to lawyers, more than 90 immigrants involved have already begun legal settlements in the United Kingdom. Aiming to curb the growing number of illegal channel crossings, the British plan is still drawing strong criticism from human rights groups, opposition parties in both countries and the United Nations. More than 10,000 people have crossed the English Channel in makeshift boats since the beginning of this year, according to government data compiled by PA. According to the Interior Ministry, a total of 28,500 people carried out these dangerous deities last year, up from 8,466 in 2020. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to curb immigration, one of the key issues of the Brexit campaign.

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