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Coucou French Class

Learn French differently in America

“A bicycle is a bicycle, a woman is a woman…”, explains Marcoux. Two words are enough to understand the method Cuckoo French class. This organization for teaching French and French culture has been established in the United States since 2013.

It was originally started in New York by Leah and Marianne Perret. It was created in Los Angeles in 2017. “We’ve created a playful and modern way for Francophile Americans to learn our language,” sums up founder Marianne.

“This translates into conversation classes with our students, where we teach them the French that is actually spoken in France,” says Marcaux, director of the California branch.

But the Cocoa French class doesn’t stop there. “In our DNA, we also have the organization of events: parties, barbecues, film screenings of culture and traditional tricolor celebrations,” Marianne adds. In fact, this setting is illustrated during July 14th or Mardi Gras.

In America, French is popular

“Americans really love our language and our culture,” explains Margaux. The young woman – like several dozen teachers in three cities – tries to show how our country is really far from the cliché “Eiffel Tower, macaroons”.

Students are divided into eight language levels and progress rapidly. They can benefit from face-to-face or video courses across the region.

“We take advantage of our events to invite French expats and encourage meetings,” Marianne explains. Couples even happen to form… “We call it couple couples! taunts Margaux.

Professors are hired based on the originality of their profile. Also, depending on what they can bring to the students: actors, actresses, musicians… Also, the Coucou French class comes to complete more traditional language courses, especially directed French alliances.

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