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League of Legends is coming to Fortnite (and the Epic Games Store)

League of Legends is coming to Fortnite (and the Epic Games Store)

Riot Games seems to be very proud of their anime series mysterious, aired November 6 on Netflix, and it continues New collaborations to promote adaptation l’univers de League of Legends in the TV. After a few days pubg mobile, It is clear It is an electronic game Whoever receives content inspired by the series embodies it un skin de Jinx.

Players to fall in love with le jinx package You will get the skin, The famous robot monkey as a rear accessory, bang bang windmill like an ax, music track for lists, 2 download screens And the writing on the walls.

The skin is directly inspired by The appearance of the hero As is in the series, with notable differences compared to the popular MOBA. This is the reason too jinxAnd weAnd Caitlin And Jess will benefit Free replacement skinOffered to all players League of Legends.

In fact, with Exit from Arcane, That’s it Riot ecosystem Which share, with events and content for valuationAnd Legends of RuneterraAnd wild rift And Teamfight Tactics.

But the thing that might impress fans is already one of the show’s highlights during the finals. des Worlds de League of Legends, No opening presentation It will be presented by the distinguished artists who participated in Arcane’s soundtrack, Such as imagine DragonsAnd Pia MillerAnd JID And Denzel Carrey.

Yo Doug, we put our launcher in your launcher

Introduction of Jinx to Fortnite Another chance for riot It offers its various games on l’Epic Games Store. In fact, since yesterday, it has become possible to take off League of Legends where valuation from the podium Deepik Games.

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Well, in real life, only the launcher is downloaded le launcher de Riot Games And launch various studio games of the game Deepik Games. Thus, the practical interest is very limited, but it is always interesting to see key player (And somewhat lonely) as Riot approaches the other two giants in the middle.

Fortnite players So you might be interested in it l’univers de League of Legends, then to the other games of Riot Games, on the contrary. It is well visible.