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Leafs and Oilers: Bus rides to avoid COVID-19 tests

Leafs and Oilers: Bus rides to avoid COVID-19 tests

Two of the three Canadian teams participating in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers, have done everything to avoid the hassle of a required COVID-19 test at the border.

Thus, as reported by TSN, these organizations planned to travel in part by bus to reach their respective destinations located in the United States. US authorities are asking for a negative test result for all flights, but none for crossing the border overland.

Facing the Kings, the Oilers flew to Vancouver on Wednesday night, where they took a bus to Washington State. They completed their trip to Los Angeles by air. At the Leafs, the club opted to hike overland to Buffalo, then travel to Tampa, in anticipation of their Friday and Sunday Lightning appointments.

The same source also tried to find out more about the plans of the Calgary Flames team, which will visit the Dallas Stars on Thursday and Monday, but had no information on this subject. TSN added that this type of initiative has also been rolled out for certain flights during the regular season.

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