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Le Nouvelliste |  Haiti won by force and joined the United States in the quarterfinals

Le Nouvelliste | Haiti won by force and joined the United States in the quarterfinals

After finishing second in Group H, Haiti advanced to the 16th round of the CONCACAF U20 Women’s Championship with Guyana. As expected, the latter gave the young Grenadiers a tough time, scoring a similar goal to qualify for the quarter-finals, after consulting the VAR, at the end of the match.

Apparently too motivated, the young Grenadiers’ captain Esterikov Joseph (24th) climbed into the outpost and started the hostility, but his goal was canceled by Mexican referee Priscilla Perez for an offside position.

Seven minutes after half an hour of play, Haiti scored the first goal of the game. Despite a late return from McCain Saint-Cy, a long pass from the back of the defense was able to pass Guyana striker Inari Moore (37th, 1-0), with his return finishing his race behind Madelina’s Net Fluoriot.

The young Grenadiers tried hard to regain balance on the scoreboard, but each time they came up against Guyana’s last fort. Thus, the half-time score was in favor of the team coached by Paul Debrew.

Back in the locker room, Forda replaces Charles Marilyn Guerrero with Valentina Ornis (46th), which is enough to free Florci-love Darlina Joseph from the front of the attack. Training paid from Haiti, from two minutes into the game, set the record straight for Maudeline Moryl (58th, 1-1). At the point of this goal, in a corner from right to left, Moril backed away badly, and on his second attempt, he put the skin on the back of the net.

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To strengthen the Haitian side’s right side, Fierda replaced Charles Rose-Bertraud Rosinville with McCain Saint-Zer (73rd). On foot, Haiti took control of the crowd, but without being brilliant. Following that, Dayana Pierre-Louise (76th), after a well-planned action between Florsey-Love Darlina Joseph and Valentina Ornis, did not aim his shot.

At the end of the match the dominance of the Haitian team was going to be rewarded by this goal scored by Valentina Ornis (88th, 2-1), who was denied an advanced position by the referee but was checked after consultation. VAR.

Overall, Haiti won by force (2-1) against Guyana and adjusted their ticket to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Women’s Championship, where they will face the brave women of the United States this Tuesday, March 8. From 3 p.m.

Starting lineup of young grenadiers:

Madelina Fleuriot (GK) .- Méghane Saint-Cy (Rose-Bertude Rosainvil, 73rd), Maudeline Moryl, Estéricove Joseph (cap, Rose Pierreline France, 90+), Jenny Flore Desmarattes.- Gaëlle Dumas, Mirléréne Dor Louis.- Courier (Valentina Ornis, 46th), Florsey-Love Darlina Joseph and Rose-Alia Marcellus.