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Émilie Monnet et Angélique Willkie présentent « Marguerite : le feu », un spectacle ardent à l’ESPACE GO

le feu”, a fiery scene in ESPACE GO – Urban Bible

image credit: Jean Francois Souf

DrStarting March 15, ESPACE GO presents Marguerite: le feu, a play based on the story of Marguerite Duplessis, an 18th-century young Aboriginal woman who fought for her freedom after being bought as a slave and destined to board a boat in the direction of Martinique. Determined to defend her rights, she bravely embarked on legal proceedings to try to escape from her, which unfortunately ended in failure. To find out more, we spoke with the actors on stage, Emily Monet and Angelique Wilkie, about their artistic proposal and the issues behind creativity.

Slavery and the cultural heritage of women at the heart of the play

Émile Monet, a multidisciplinary artist of Anishinaabe and French descent, wrote the script, played the role of Marguerite and co-signed the show’s staging with Angélique. Margaret’s story, which I discovered 13 years ago when she moved to Montreal, is not without passion. ” It really shocked me, it annoyed me! »admit.

Indeed, though she was aware of the slavery that existed in the city, she did not realize its scale – nor its nearly two-centuries duration. “I thought it was mainly the Afro-descendant communities that were affected, while there were a majority of the indigenous slaves. It resonated a lot and their story stayed with me.”

Determined to tackle themes of colonization and slavery, Emily drew inspiration from Margaret’s courage to create a space where stories could coexist. “It is this same fire that has been ignited in all Marguerites, those of yesterday and today, who fight for the recognition of justice. It is the fire of renewal and rediscovered memory.” which I sought to copy in the ESPACE GO stage.

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For a more global and representative view of the subject, his creative partner, Angelique Wilkie, highlighted the fact that three actresses were chosen from different heritages. “One of the strengths of the distribution is the fact that these contemporary women are wholly related from these differences to the interpretation of Margaret’s character, because our society rather wants to erase these common experiences between them which are part of the work of society”she explained.

Photo: Jean-Francois Souf

Choral and multidisciplinary performance

In addition to the fusion of representation and identities of the three actresses to show different aspects of Marguerite, it is also in the creation of Marguerite: the fire with which the chorus unfolds. “We have set up a very circular and collaborative process to deliver this show,” Emily comments. According to her, all collaborators worked hard to create “a space for gathering and gathering with the audience and performers, so that we all experience together.”

The creative team includes scenographer Max Otto Vouto, video designer Caroline Monet – Emily’s sister – and composer Laura Ortmann. Their work and their combined creative forces have made it possible to design an original form, at the crossroads of many disciplines. For example, there is a documentary aspect related to the use and recombination of archives, but also the musical aspect “of a poetic character in the text is also poetic, in addition to the sung parts”. Even the work of the movement was not neglected, since the presence of the body was carefully thought out and worked on.

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Despite the multiplicity of technical specializations present in Margaret: fireAngélique would like to remind you of that “Fairly upscale aesthetic” Who had the privilege of this show, “With very little frills around, to try to unravel things and not be in the layers of complexity added to the text and story.”

Marguerite Le View SPACE-GO_rehearsals

Photo: Antoine Raymond

Production more relevant than ever

Finally, according to Angelique, it is easy to justify the importance of submission Margaret: fire On the ESPACE GO Boards of Directors in March 2022. “With what happened in the past two years, everyone has experienced very strong things Emotionally, psychologically, psychologically, morally, ethically but also politically”, you remember. Before adding: “And people of color and marginalized, more than that! So we have to be seen, each in his own way: we need to be heard. I even think that coming to the theater is an act of faith; we must take a stand!”

widget Daisy: fire It will be presented at ESPACE GO from March 15 to April 2, 2022. Discover on stage Aicha Bastien Ndiaye, Emilie Monet and Madeleine Sarr as Marguerite! For more information or to purchase your tickets, go here.

* This article was produced in collaboration withGO SPACE.

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