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"Le domaine du possible": Michel Charette in a comedy by Francois Avard

“Le domaine du possible”: Michel Charette in a comedy by Francois Avard

François Avard takes the pen again as an author. 15 years after the end of his term pityThe irreverent creator will return to TVA in the winter of 2022 with a new comedy titled world of the possible, which will feature the famous Michel Charette, the beloved Bruno Gagnier District 31.

Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, of Aetios Productions, are behind the project, which was developed in collaboration with Quebecor Content. This is also a return for Aetios in the TVA group environment, after the resounding success of it blue moon (2016-2018). The story of the series is one of the stories of the search for happiness. A French high school teacher, in the end, decides to leave everything behind to buy a country house in the country. Pursuing the goal of finding peace, happiness and serenity there, and building a life of dreams there, our man will take his family with him in the realization of this fantasy inhabited by many, and which few dare to realize. Will reality be as rosy as he had hoped?

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François Avard has been a text editor, consultant, or co-writer on several major novels for several years (CA, Les beaux malaises, La Maison-Bleue, between the sheets, criminalizing your children), More world of the possible It is his first solo show since The Adventures of Paul Bejon (Remy Girard) and his little clan.

distribute this field of the possible It has not yet been built, and filming is expected to begin in late summer or early fall.

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“Focusing on high-quality soap operas, TVA is proud to present to its viewers another which, in addition to being written by an author always ready to transcend himself as François Avard, is interpreted, among other things, by an actor as well. Talented by Michele Charette, said Nathalie Fabian, Senior channel and program directors at Groupe TVA, in a press release.

“It is a great pleasure for Quebecor Content to once again collaborate with such high-calibre producers as Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau of Aetios Productions. Whether it is TV series or heavy or light series,” added Denis Dubois, Vice President of Content at Quebecor Content.

“Finding François after the extraordinary adventure of ‘Bogons’ pleases me and Michele. Michel Charette’s talent in the first starring role in a comedy will allow viewers to observe the pursuit of happiness from a different perspective, because François’ writings did not finish making us laugh … yellow! Thanks for TVA and Quebecor Content for their confidence in this bold project,” added producer Fabien Laroche.