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LE CREUSOT: thanks to "Vacci'bus" 70 employees of Alstom . have been vaccinated

LE CREUSOT: thanks to “Vacci’bus” 70 employees of Alstom . have been vaccinated

70 Alstom employees were vaccinated on Monday afternoon.

The Prefecture, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and Health Insurance have decided to launch a new mobile vaccination center “Vacci’bus”, without prior appointment, with funding from the Regional Health Agency (ARS).
This ‘go to’ scheme aims to improve vaccination coverage by assisting Saône-et-Loiriens to vaccinate.
Vacci’bus began its tour on Monday morning with Thermodyn, where 24 employees were able to take advantage of its services. The opportunity for Marc Makhlouf, Deputy Governor of Autun, but also Cédric Laberto, delegate of the ARS Department and Clarice Mittin Muller, Director of the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie de Saône-et-Loire to present the system and the Vacci’bus principle that vaccination should take place on site, to the volunteers but , for various reasons, they cannot always travel. The goal is to raise the vaccination rate and provide practical solutions. This is what happened at Thermodyn but also at the Alstom Creusot site on Monday afternoon where 70 employees took advantage of the service. “There are a lot of people who didn’t plan to get vaccinated and who finally came…” explained Valerie Menager, who, with Sylvie Desvins and as a nurse, was responsible for vaccinating staff and volunteers from the Crucotin site.



Cyril Chemkoviak: On-site organization advantage!

“I work for Despin, that’s right, the advantage of ‘Vacci’bus’ is that they are organized on site within our company. I do diaper rugby, it’s a contact sport, so it’s good to get vaccinated for myself and others, and then the holidays come…”

Anthony Budigi: We got the information from our management

“I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, it was done quickly, it was well organized, there was very little waiting to receive the vaccination, then the bus was stopped near our workplace. On this machine, we received the information from our administration, it was necessary to register first , Simply … “

David Matos: Protect my entourage!

“I already had Covid, so I am only allowed one dose of the vaccine. I was planning to get vaccinated because I know what it feels like to have Covid. I wanted to protect myself and those around me, using this device at work, it’s the best, because in the end, I didn’t have to To quit my job to get vaccinated…”

You should know that

From Monday, July 12 through August 31, 2021, the bus will travel throughout the department, as close to the public as possible, at business, malls, neighborhoods, festivals, and major events in the department, to get as close as possible to the year.

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