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Layers of Fear 3 s'annonce sous Unreal Engine 5

Layers of Fear 3 s’annonce sous Unreal Engine 5

Bloober team I stay very busy. Among the rumors circulating about a Silent Hill is back in the studio and one Layers of Fear 3…Ah, haven’t you heard of new layers of fear? Well specifically, Bloober just teased their next match From a series like this, casually.

The title will run under Unreal Engine 5 and should be good More similarities with the first opus. The epic illustrator will be back for this new adventure, but we don’t know more at the moment, not even about the exact title of the game.

Peter Babebo, CEO of Bloober Teammade a statement on Success means “layers of fear” For his studio:

Layers of Fear is the project that got us hacked. It paved the way for the Bloober Team and kick-started our rapid growth, allowing us to explore more of the stories we wanted to tell. I’m so glad we’re back in this universe, wiser and more experienced. For me, it is important that we make this announcement during the Tokyo Game Show, because for many of us Japan is the birthplace of psychological horror games. As a studio, we also have two other projects in progress, one in production and one in pre-production.

It’s funny, because Papibo talks about Japan as the land of horror games, and right after he talks about it 2 more projects from his studio (Which means the Bloober team has actually had 3 games on the go this whole time.) Where was Silent Hill actually developed?

The Layers of Fear is expected in 2022.

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