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Lawn Mowing Simulator will mow your garden on August 10

In a world where most games are the same, let’s not shy away from our happiness to see the original goodies fall apart! editor Curve Digital announces the arrival of Lawn Mowing Simulator On August 10 on Xbox Series X | S.. Be the first lawn mower simulator in history! So yes, this “game” will not be available to everyone. but just like bus simulator or train sim world which can create professions, simulation mower can help you to be good in real life! Well, just having a window and a sill may limit the excitement, but a niche game is above all an experience, a must-do for many!

As you can see in the new trailer, Lawn Mowing Simulator Don’t laugh at us. Wonderful decorations, green lawns as far as the eye can see and many models of mowers Waiting for you ! Some might think of a parody and it would be hard to blame them, but the originality of such an undertaking is undeniable. Especially since the management element will also be included… What could be better than a well-mown lawn for playing soccer with friends around a barbecue this summer?

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