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Studyrama organise pour la première fois un salon d’orientation, samedi 13 novembre 2021, à l

Laval: Postgraduate Studyrama at Espace Mayenne on Saturday 13th November

Studyrama is organizing an orientation exhibition for the first time, Saturday 13 November 2021, at the Espace Mayenne in Laval. More than 400 baccalaureate to baccalaureate +5 courses will be represented. (© CDLM)

study drama organized for the first time Saturday 13 November 2021 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., orientation lounge In the Espace Mayen in Laval. This will address higher education as a whole with a view to guiding adolescents and students as far as possible in their choice of studies.

Study project preparation

Young people will have the opportunity to Obtaining information and discussing it with managers of existing institutions. Thus they will be able to anticipate the opening Parkorsup And prepare their study project as quietly as possible. In the programme: conferences on Parcoursup, Grandes Écoles, preparation for competitive exams, etc. (details about

In Laval and in the region

The 20 institutions in Laval offer numerous courses up to the Bac +5. Young people can study law, information technology, new technologies, biology, business… In general, the Pays de la Loire region has 38 higher education locations that receive 137,657 students (+ 12.8% in 5 years).

More than 400 courses

Young people and students will have the opportunity to meet institutions that offer training in all sectors of activity: art, sports, management, engineering, digital, commerce, marketing, luxury goods, health and sciences. More than 400 courses ranging from baccalaureate to baccalaureate +5 will be represented.

OrientA bus that caters to all audiences looking for guidance or professional retraining, will be present.

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