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Laval: Illumi in summer

Laval: Illumi in summer

Unlike years past, Illumi won’t be turning out its lights this summer.

For the first time since its opening in Laval, Illumi will be showing the public its lighting fixtures and some festive novelties for much of the warm season.

For the occasion, the course will be slightly modified and will benefit from the addition of balcony spaces that “should make a fairly significant difference to the path,” as emphasized on Monday by Normand Latourelle, Founding President and Artistic Director of Cavalia & Lighting.

The first space balcony will be added around and under the large “tree”, where a space bar has already been installed for some time. Several glowing geometric “trees” will also be added nearby. A second space balcony will be installed on the higher part of the site, which Illumi’s creator kindly calls “Mont Laval.”

With a height of 20 meters, this section will be able to accommodate 400 people and will provide a scenic view of all the lighting fixtures bounded by Highway 15. Projections in light and music will also be presented to users of the observatory every half hour. To that end, Mr. Latourelle explained to QMI that the ocean panel, a space with hundreds of thousands of pixels, would become a spectacle of fireworks of lights.

This part of the land is not open to the public in winter due to drier weather conditions. Summer will be extraordinary, when 400 people will be able to attend a musical and illuminated dance show. The entire site will be lighting up and coming out on music programming,” the illumi thinker identified.

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The third space, called “Le bal des ballons”, would be nothing more or less than a group of giant balls decorated with musical lighting. Norman Latorell said tens of thousands of beach balls will be blown up and stacked in a tent, so that young and old can have fun.

He noted that the extension of this third season will have the appearance of celebration and lightness. In addition to the new facilities, the entire site will be open to the public, including the driveway, which will remain accessible. Ticket prices will also be reduced this summer.

“I wanted to make vacation rates for everyone. […] To try to reach more students and make sure that going to Illumi won’t cost more than going to the cinema. The coach said it was important to me to make Illumi accessible to as many people as possible.

For the season 3 opening last November, 80% of the tables were changed compared to the previous release. With summer extended, all schedules are now different from the first edition introduced in 2020.

This summer extension will be offered at Laval from June 22 to August 6.

This fall, starting September 28, Illumi, which intends to develop new markets in the coming years, will be set up in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, with light fixtures already introduced in Laval.

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