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Lautrec.  Rue de Lengouzy and commercial space were opened

Lautrec. Rue de Lengouzy and commercial space were opened

Lots of excitement at Lautrec lately, as the central square hosted the Spring Festival organized by the school. That day was also marked by the inauguration of the renovation of the avenue de Lengouzy, the commercial space with the butcher’s shop, parking lot and alley in the heart of the village.

Thierry Bardot, Mayor of Lautrec, was surrounded by all actors in this “beautiful achievement”, in unanimous opinion; Deputy governor, senator, deputy, municipal councilors, local elected officials, police officers, architects, craftsmen, municipal agents, shopkeepers and residents of Lotrico all contributed to this project worth nearly one million euros.

Thierry Bardot did not fail to thank all these representatives and “LautrĂ©cois for their patience during the renovation work, comfort and safety. The project is achievable thanks to the support of the State, the region and the department”. Many of the letters converged, with Lautrec’s “centralization and interest in developing tourist and commercial activities there and especially local shops, including the new butcher’s shop, with the importance of product traceability”.

Alexandre and Candy, two young butchers who collaborate exclusively with local producers (an element that everyone highlighted vigorously), declare that they are “happy with an activity beyond their expectations.”

The opening continued with a basic garlic soup and cocktail reception!

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