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Laurie and Garo, back with pictures of their love story

Laurie and Garo, back with pictures of their love story

She turned the page on her story with Billy Crawford through the meeting they were . From 2007 to 2010, Laurie And the Quebec singer lived in a state of passion as much as it was advertised. The artists, aged 25 and 35 respectively at the time of their meeting, fell in love with each other during the Enfoirés tour. “I’ve known her forever, we were at the same record company. It became clear between us,” Garo said in paris match in 2010.

Three years after their split, Laurie opened up her heart to “Gala” and said she had failed to give him what Jarrow expected of their relationship. “Eventually, I realized that he was expecting things that I couldn’t give him. He wanted me more present, more at home. But I also had my career to manage. During this time, I put my career aside to devote myself only to my own life,” she said, describing it. That he is a party man, enjoying life, while she was just a ‘baby’. “Maybe my story with Jarrow made me more of a woman,” said the “Sur un air latino” translator. in paris match A few months after their separation.

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At that time, Jarrow was already the father of little Emily, born in July 2001 from his relationship with Ulrika, a Swedish model. In 2013, the composer became official His new relationship with Stephanie Fournier Canadian fashion model. Since 2013, Laurie has been in a three-year relationship with Alexis Raya. Then she met Robbie Schinassi on the set of the movie “Meurtres à Grasse”. The actors broke up in 2017. Since 2018, Laurie has been in a relationship with Jan Dernocourt, Eddie De Britto’s manager. Lovebirds welcomed little nina In August 2020, I was born thanks to AMP.

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