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Launching the first projects of the strategic plan

Launching the first projects of the strategic plan

This past spring’s symposium and Unit Thinking workshops floated more than 75 ideas for initiatives around mobile campuses, live campuses, multilingual acquisition recognition and leadership in open and accountable knowledge projects for the University of Montreal’s Strategic Plan. Based on this data, the cells of builders and newly commissioned masons relied on the implementation of the first initiatives.

“The current strategic plan will be realized under the banner of major long-term projects,” explains the University Vice-Chancellor for Strategic Planning and Communications, Jean-François Gaudriault-Despens. With the projects launched today, we define action to build together and move forward. Our corporate strategic plan has been designed based on consultations with the university community and is firmly rooted in the desires, ideas and aspirations of the university campus. The same goes for projects.

By 2032, twelve major projects will have been completed, each of which includes a number of initiatives. “Year after year we will remain flexible and keep our goals in mind, but also consider resources and context. We can’t wait to be able to share other startups as well, which won’t take long,” says the Vice-Chancellor.

Four projects set the table

The Living Campus project will include a series of temporary or permanent initiatives aimed at “bringing life back” to UdeM. In 2023, the team will organize the first Winter Festival and propose a program created according to the ideas of the university units.

The Mobile Campus component promises to “transport” UdeM to continue bringing it closer to its various communities and strengthening bonds of trust with residents. It will also make it possible to introduce students to other realities, whether through action research or nomadic training. By way of submission, the team will be accompanied by UdeM poet and sage Joséphine Bacon in presenting an anecdote. It will also support a creative project on four wheels sponsored by literature professors Simon Harrell and Kathryn Mavrikakis. Many other citizen initiatives expected.

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In the Leadership in Open and Accountable Knowledge project, the university wants to actively support the development and adoption of educational and scholarly statements aimed at advancing the common good. The first action would be to make an inventory of UdeM’s Open Access and Open Science. It should be noted that the University of Montreal adopted a policy on open access to scientific publications a little more than two years ago, according to which researchers are invited to make their publications available through the institutional repository. The search team will be able to find all relevant information about free access on his recently published webpage.

Finally, the Multilingual Acquisition Recognition project aims to recognize or increase the language skills of students in order to give them additional tools in terms of their mobility and the influence they will be able to exert. Through this project, UdeM also wants to diversify the recruitment pools for the student community, faculty and administrative staff. First, it will be necessary to work on improving the inventory of languages ​​spoken by the student community, and then to think about implementing means of assessment and certification of proficiency in two or more languages.

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Stay tuned for the series of articles that will appear on UdeMNouvelles about these first four projects of the strategic plan and check back regularly