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Le carnet de santé numérique sera déployé partout en France en 2022.

Launching the digital health record

You won’t soon need to bring prescriptions, test results, or a hospital admission report when you go to see your doctor. The government has just launched a new digital tool “My Health Space”. Related A computerized and secure medical file that will be shared between you and health professionals. The goal is to better coordinate the care pathway.

85% of the population is worried in Indre-et-Loire

in our department, 526,000 people insured under the master plan are affected by the implementation of this new tool. From Monday February 14 through the end of March, if you live in Indre-et-Loire, You will receive an email or postal mail From health insurance with mentioning the possibility of creating your own health space. You will be assigned a temporary code to validate your registration, which is not mandatory registration.

The idea is to be able to store and access your medical data online, to inform yourself of the latest treatments, allergies or vaccines for example; Data that healthcare professionals will have access to; The possibility of exchanging information with the doctor(s) who follows you through the prepared messaging service.

The digital divide still exists for many users

For those who do not have access to the Internet, they can be escorted, explains Christoph Bockel, health district officer at CPAM in Indre-et-Loire: “When you have an Ameli account open for a patient, you have their email address so you can send a notification that the My Health space is created by email, if you don’t have an email address, an email will be sent. If the person already had a medical file shared before, the data will remain the same, otherwise the doctor will be able to make a medical summary and the patient himself will be able to provide a medical file in which he can write down the medical history such as allergies, any vaccinations he may have. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, the patient can use the digital advisors in the service spaces in France, and there is also a phone support setup, 34-22, which allows you to get information about how my space works.“.

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After the repeated failure of the promised personal medical file since 2004, the success of the reform is far from certain. on the general side, “Big Mass” media campaigns are announced from mid-February. The fact remains that health professional and hospital programs are not fully compatible with My Health Space, whose “massive and automated supply” is expected in 2023.