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Last tribute to Windsor

Last tribute to Windsor

This Saturday, the Queen and the United Kingdom will bid farewell to Prince Philip, who has served his wife Elizabeth II tirelessly for more than seven decades. Covit-19 is required, the ceremony will be held in an intimate manner.

The Queen and the United Kingdom bid farewell this Saturday afternoon to Prince Philip, who has served tirelessly for more than seven decades and supported Elizabeth II, in a small group ceremony due to epidemics and military pronunciations.

Duke of Edinburgh will be buried in the grounds of Windsor Castle at 3pm local time, and Philip breathed his last on April 9, having lived in the service of the monarchy since his marriage 73 years ago. With his “Lilliput”. .

The first military parades began in the early hours of the afternoon, at 1:30 p.m., French time, on the outskirts of Castle Windsor.

Silence for a minute at 3 p.m.

A few days before her 95th birthday, the Queen loses the “strength” and “support” she had in her own words, having taken the back seat since she was crowned in 1952. His outspoken speech and humor would have made the prince 100 years old on June 10 with the longest lifespan recorded in British history, sometimes known for racist or sexual practices.

Circumstances that help, Duke of Edinburgh’s desire to avoid a funeral with great pomp will be valued more than he initially imagined. Under UK health rules, only 30 people – instead of 800 – will attend the ceremony, wearing masks and at intervals.

Roger Charles Brock, who came to meditate in front of Buckingham Palace, welcomed in London the attitude that these means are not affected by the exception, “because others who lost one of their family had to overcome these obstacles”. While the public is urged not to go outside government residences due to the epidemic, the bouquet is in hand, with Windsor visitors and locals.

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Since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh on April 9, the United Kingdom has been called upon to observe a minute of local silence at 4 pm (4 pm in France), at the beginning of the religious ceremony, in national mourning.

“Royal Vault”

Broadcast on television, the funeral is organized relatively simply, reflecting the military past proudly imposed by the Prince who fought in the Navy during World War II.

The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army will welcome his coffin in Windsor – covered with his personal banner and sword – which will be carried on a hard green Land Rover pickup ship that helped design the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Grenadier Guards Marching Band, of which Philip has been Colonel for 42 years, will take the procession to St. George’s Chapel, where the religious ceremony will take place. According to pre-published excerpts, he should be praised for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Queen of Windsor, his “courage”, his “strength” and “confidence”.

The coffin will be lowered into the “Royal Vault” and remain there until the Queen joins it when she dies. Thus reunited spouses will be their final abode at King George VI Memorial Church, the father of Elizabeth II.

Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Anglicans, will bless the end of the service.

The royal family reunited?

For Windsor, this funeral is an opportunity to reunite after recent crises.

This is the first time he has fallen from the monarchy and left the Atlantic Ocean, and Prince Harry will publicly discover the royal family, marked by the shadow of accusations of racism and indifference, and an interview with him and his wife – Oprah Winfrey.

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He will appear especially with his older brother William and his father Prince Charles. Harry’s wife, Megan Markle, who was pregnant with their second child, stayed in the United States on the advice of her doctor.

United behind their mother Diana’s coffin in 1997, both brothers walk in the same line to follow their grandfather’s coffin. But their cousin Peter Phillips will walk between them, a choice widely commented in the press.

Public clothing

However, as far as clothing is concerned, the British royal family will try to present a united front. All will be in civilian clothes, a way to avoid distinguishing between Prince Andrew and Harry, both of whom are highly aligned with the military.

Despite two trips to Afghanistan, the former captain, Harry, is now allowed to wear his service medals in civilian clothes after losing his coveted military titles.

Although he was still in the Navy, the Queen’s second son and former helicopter pilot appeared in the uniform of Prince Andrew and would have looked bad after he left the monarchy, due to his friendship with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was prosecuted for kidnapping minors.