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Last time in the NHL in a power game

Last time in the NHL in a power game

Since Martin St. Louis landed with the Canadians, everything seems to be working out better in Montreal. The players, starting with Jeff Petrie, are happier than they were before and the club is doing better.

Since we take almost any player in the squad, we see an increase in his performance since February 9th.

But there is still one aspect where CH is no better than before: the numerical advantage. We’re talking about an aspect where CH is never good, but still: it’s noteworthy.

While CH was 31 in the NHL on February 9, the club is now 32 since the coach change. We’re talking about one goal on 23 occasions here, which works out to a success rate of just 4.4%.

Of course, you will tell me the sample is small, which is true. But if he’s not too young to say the St. Louis effect exists, he’s also not too young to say the power game needs love.

Note that we are not talking about malicious criticism of the club here. After all, it is only natural that upon taking office, St. Louis prioritized something other than the attack of the Five Men in his practices.

Installing his game concepts was, with good reason, a higher priority for the former Lightning than devising a plan for a massive attack. So it’s normal to see that some sections are not affected yet, but they will come.

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However, if St. Louis want to keep winning matches (no matter what the fans think), they will have to get there quickly. This is what makes the difference between victories and defeats.

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Things are moving in Trois-Rivieres.

– Oh?

The season will not start on time.

– Logic.

– CCM will no longer use Russian players in their ads.