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Last night, the Canadian recruits looked fine

Last night, the Canadian recruits looked fine

Last night there was a debate between the leaders and a great football match on TV. However, Canadian fans also know that there is a match between the hopes of the Saber and the hopes of Canadians.

The match, which was available on YouTube and CH platforms, attracted many fans to such a match. At one point, over 26,000 people (on YouTube alone) were listening.

I repeat: It was a rookie match run by the AHL coaching staff. Only in Montreal…

finally, Canadians 4-3 hopes against Sword are reported. What should we remember from this match, which was Al-Kindi’s first match in months?

1. Juraj Slafkovsky and Filip Mesar, the top two picks for Canadians in 2022, are not only good hockey players, but the Slovaks are clearly the makings of the duo as well.

Together they scored the second goal of the match in the first half… The goal was quite.

During the match, Slave seemed to be looking for his friend and in this match, he found him. He used his speed to get the disc into the corner and was able to deliver it to his friend with a fairly accurate pass. It was a great pre-check game.

Did I tell you he was a short guy too?

I really liked the speed (and explosion) of the first option. There were some doubts in this regard When he learns that the potential client has become one of the biggest players in the NHLbut we saw it: a man can skate.

He seemed too strong to others, which is good news.

It wasn’t perfect, but his vision and desire to pass the ball (plus protection) were put to good use, especially Misar’s assist, who looked great. And the Possibly to play in OHLMesar could continue to dominate this season.

This is what we want to see, right?

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Although he is clearly new, Slave is respected by his teammates. As he approached the middle, one of Cypress’ agents tried to tackle him, but Slave didn’t budge an inch. Fortunately it was against the novices and not against the men…

But despite everything, Lucas Condota – who has had a good game so far – threw the gloves off to send a message to his opponent.

In the end, Slave only got one pass per match, but he looked great. This is without a doubt what the Canadian wanted to see out of his great hope, which is at the heart of rebuilding the club.

It promises the future, even if Slav does not find himself completely.

2. In the latest NHL amateur auction, CH set their sights on Owen Beck and Lane Hutson in the second round. If Hutson wasn’t in the tournament (he wasn’t in order to maintain his NCAA eligibility), then Beck was there. He was more than good during the game.

We have to think about his goal, of course, since the youngster took a very good shot.

But it was more than that. Beck isn’t necessarily the type to be flashy, but he always makes the right decision when he has the disc and when he wants to prevent an opponent from gaining momentum in his area.

Defensively, he doesn’t cheat and does what he has to do. Could the midfielder be, in a few years’ time, Arturi Likonen next from the squad?

Everyone who knows him seems to be falling in love with his game. For example, in the confrontation circuit, he is also not easy to beat and he is the kind that coaches like.

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Am I Where the Canadian Drafted WELL in July?

3. THE CANADIAN HAS NO HOPES Only those drafted in 2022 in his collection. There are men who have been acquired in another way, including Emil Heineman. Acquired from Flames in the Tyler Toffoli trade.

Playing with Beck, he was also one of the players who caught the eye. The quality of his game and shooting made people talk.

Heinemann is a fast guy and he showed up yesterday. He was often seen on the ice for the right reasons and looked well against the hopes of the Buffalo Sabers.

And his shot…wow.

4. The most unique attackers are the ones who got it by the new ranger, as you can see from reading my script so far. Is it a coincidence?

to be free businees, Several players who have been in the system for a while have also done a good game. There is a depth in the sink.

5. Among the defenders, Jordan Harris played a strong match. In the first period, the defender looked like one of the best players on the ice. Apparently he started his testing to get a place in the sun.

He had chances to score.

Matthias Norlender was also good for the Canadians. He looked in control of the disc and did in my eyes what he had to do. If he can achieve consistency in his performance, he will help himself.

Obviously, Arber Xhekaj had a good game and himself.

William Trudeau did a good job. Quebec was a little more in the shadows, but repulsed the attacks of his opponents. In short, he was reliable in the technical staff.

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The disappointment of the game was, in my eyes, Justin Barron.

The defender, seen playing for the first time since his injury, appeared to lack confidence. Let’s hope he can play to his potential.

In goal, he wasn’t perfect either. Joe Verbetic could have done better.

6. As for the Canadian, the hopefuls will have to learn to play for 60 minutes. The first period was so intense that it was hard to keep up with the pace, but after that it was less noticeable collectively.

But in the end, it was a good match.


After yesterday’s sword encounter, the Canadian candidates will take to the ice this morning at 10:30 a.m. for a training session. Some aspirants will speak to the media afterwards.

Target? Get ready for tonight’s match against the Devils. The match will be at 7pm and, like yesterday, can be watched on the Canadian platforms with the excellent Sébastien Goulet in the description.

We’ll see if there will be several changes to the Canadian roster. Offensively, I especially want to see if Juraj Slafkovsky and Filip Mesar will be fired, to see if they can play with other guys.

On the other hand, tonight, their countryman Simon Nemec, second choice in the final replay, may be on the other side of the ice and CH hopes to want to face their friend. Will this affect the organization’s decision?