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Le Vegas a rouvert ses portes, uniquement le dimanche après-midi, pour les personnes âgées.

Las Vegas reopens for seniors

Hardly the sound of the first accordion notes, the floor is already filled with dancing couples. After the first music, some sit for a moment to catch their breath. Vegas de Saintes got some life back on Sunday 11 July. Re-opened on Sunday afternoon only, with a meal + tea composition, dancer, and orchestra.

A formula appreciated by the elderly. And they were between 300 and 500 people on this reopening day. “This is a very important moment for me. I find my sun again”Patricia was moved. Like her, they all came once or several times a week before the complex closed due to the health crisis.

Their ages ranged from 300 to 500 by noon on the first day of reopening. © Radio France
Liz Dusseau

Beneath the mirror balls, with their floodlights and dim light, we almost forget we are in the middle of the afternoon. “I just did my first tango in months! Patrick rejoices.We all have the impression that we are living again. It feels good to see friends again, hear music, I love this music…”

Patrick is very happy with his first tango for a long time.
Patrick is very happy with his first tango for a long time. © Radio France
Liz Dusseau

And the dance, did they forget it? “It’s true that first steps, we’re a little rusty! Dancer enjoying. But it’s like cycling, you can’t forget about it! ”

Everyone is well prepared for this reunion.

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