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Lapage and his family are in mourning

Lapage and his family are in mourning

Dog Attack (2006-2023)

In 2006, my girlfriend came home with a toy poodle. I’m a cat boy. I love cats because they are independent and affectionate which is why my friend says I am an old cat.

Dogs were not of interest to me and I became a “trainer of hygiene” from a small trembling brown ball weighing a maximum of a kilogram. Since I work from home, the little ball on my thigh wiggled around all day and we quickly developed a loving relationship. In sarcasm, we called him Attack because he was completely harmless.

Offensive in turn became a friend of my son Theo, who found time in his teenage schedule to play with him, then became involved with little Beatrice, a newcomer to the house (2010) and once again accepted a demotion in the family pack when he was young. Thomas appeared in Turn (2014) and when the latter nearly died after a horrific strep, Attack slept at his bedside for several weeks to monitor them.

Attack has always been a member of the family, and although he wasn’t aware of it, he became a cartoon character in the Baby Girl series. Sometimes we recognize him on the street: “Is he the famous Atac?” ” Yes ma’am !

In short, we left our old dog today, surrounded by his family, after 17 years of loyal service and restorative licking. He was half blind, three-quarters deaf, and completely incontinent. Not to mention the cysts bursting in his mouth and his chronic respiratory problems. It is the end of his life as a dog. Our family is in mourning. Farewell brave comrade. We will not forget you.

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old cat Guy A.

Rest now my good dog.
We Will Miss You Attack đź’” (2006-2023)
adds his wife, Melanie Campo.