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LAH: Jesse Yelonen doesn't want to be vaccinated, and that complicates Canadians' lives

LAH: Jesse Yelonen doesn’t want to be vaccinated, and that complicates Canadians’ lives

Broussard—The case of Jesse Yellonen, who doesn’t want to be vaccinated, has become a hot potato for the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Finland’s Habs are hoping to once again miss Monday’s junior game, and the leaders must now decide on the strategy to be used in their case.

Since he was not vaccinated, Ylönen had to undergo a quarantine upon arrival in Canada. The biggest hurdle remains the regular season. Ylönen may be unable to reach the United States.

So, will the CH crew want to keep him with Laval Rocket just to play home games? It becomes even more difficult for the Canadians if he intends to call him up during the regular season.

“We will manage the situation, and we will respect what the NHL says. Hall, who now heads the Canadians school club, commented, “It is a personal decision for Ilonen.

The next few days should allow us to discover which direction Mark Bergvin and his entourage have chosen.

“I haven’t sat down with the Canadians yet. We’ll have a concrete plan for it,” Holly said.

Regarding the possibility of the right-hander spending the entire season at Laval, here’s the answer given by Hall.

“I have no idea, it will depend on what Mark wants to do,” Holly briefed.

Remember, Ylönen had a promising first season with Rocket in 2020-2021 with nine goals and eight assists in 29 games. And his situation could send him back to his home country, Finland, while he waits to see the case progress.

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“Of course it would be a big loss. We want him to be there, he’s an influential player who shows every night. He has good offensive and even defensive skills. It’s important that he’s there for us,” commented Raphael Harvey Benard, who was his Laval teammate.

In short, the topic will be back on the table in the coming days as Canadians training camp kicks off on Wednesday with physical and medical checkups.