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LAH: Jean-Sebastian Dia delivers the Rocket victory in the third overtime and eliminates the Americans

LAH: Jean-Sebastian Dia delivers the Rocket victory in the third overtime and eliminates the Americans


A Jean-Sebastian Dea goal in the third inning of overtime against his former team, Laval Rocket, allowed them to win and advance to the NHL Conference Final.

Laval defeated the Rochester Americans 6-5 on Wednesday night and thus swept the series 3-0.

Dea’s net was made possible by a late goal from Jesse Ylönen in the third half.

Jesse Yellonen! It’s 5 to 5, Normand!

Xavier Ouellet, Brandon Gignac, Danick Martel and Dea were the missile’s organizational scorers.

JJ Petrka and Brett Murray hit the target twice for the Americans. Mark Jankowski also made it to his home at the Buffalo Sabers Ranch Club.

Kayden Primo, who allowed only two goals in his first two games, stopped 34 shots in the win. He improved his record to 6-1.

Jean-Francois Houle’s team won 3-1 and 6-1 in the first two matches, played at Place Belle.

Aaron Del allowed six goals from 60 shots.

In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Series Winners Rocket will take on the Charlotte Checkers and Springfield Thunderbirds in a Best of 7. The Checkers advance 2-0 in the series Wednesday night.

Rocket 6 – Americans 5 (3rd overtime)

Rocket defender Matthias Norländer missed the second game in a row. And he was injured in the last moments of the first duel with a blow to the head from Ben Holmström.

The meeting got off to a bad start for Jean-Francois Houle’s band. Ouellet’s poor entry throw bounced off the net and allowed Jankowski to shoot from the crease without pressure. This was the first shot in the game and it made the red light flash.

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A few minutes later, in strong play, Petrka doubled his team’s lead with a cushioned shot. It’s the second best Cypress player in the series.

Ole came close to recovering from his fatal mistake late in that period, but his shot hit the horizontal bar head-on. The Americans did the same a little later.

Dell’s miraculous and sometimes lucky saves ended at 1:52 of the second half.

Gignac’s redirection of Corey Schueneman’s shot bounced the ball off the ice, then past Dell before hitting the net.

Less than a minute later, Martel completed a play by Gabriel Burke and Peter Abandonato when he beat the American goalkeeper in the short end.

With the climb up and everything done for the rocket, Ouellet decided to take a shot at the point. His wrist shot found its way into the net and shook the strings.

Dia made it 4-2 when he rebounded from Louie Belpedio’s shot and pushed the ball into the empty net. Three minutes and 56 seconds passed by Gignac’s net.

“It must have been a very stressful encounter for the fans. It was a really entertaining game, but we could have really started the third (period) better,” Gignac noted of the Rocket’s comeback and then the Americans’ comeback to take a 5-4 lead in the third.

“I think we saw the momentum of both teams tonight. For us in the second period and for them in the third”, Jean-Francois Hall, for his part, analyzed.

13 seconds after returning from the locker room, Murray cut in front of the net before he finished his maneuver and reduced the missile’s advance to a single target.

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Just a minute later, in a four-on-four situation, Caviar Peyton Krebs allowed Petrca to score his second goal of the night and tie the match. This is Germany’s seventh goal in qualifying.

After instigating a comeback, Murray veered off Ethan Brau’s blue streak between the Primo pads. The Americans regained the lead in the game.

Jankowski came close to destroying Laval’s chances at the end of the third half. After beating Primo, his shot hit the post and failed to cross the red line.

A perfect conclusion against the Americans for Dea

In a game of strength and with the sixth snowboarder, the Rocket was able to force overtime. With one minute and seven seconds left, Ylönen scored from his wrist into the hole.

The first minutes of extra time were the work of Jean-Francois Hoully’s men. Rafael Harvey Benard and then Lucas Condota had excellent chances to end the debate, but to no avail.

At the start of the second overtime, Gignac used his trademark – his speed – to escape. He managed to beat Dale, but his backhand shot hit the horizontal bar.

Dea flashes the red light for the second time in the game when he takes a shot from the top of the hole. The Rocket was playing to the man advantage as Brandon Davidson threw the disc into the stands.

The missile pilot is proud that he didn’t need to “cut his seat” to win. This extra energy was a factor in the end for him.

“Of course (depth) is one of our strengths. We have depth in front of goal, in defense and forward. […] “It allows our more talented players to rest and come and play in the big games after that,” Holly said.

Brandon Gignac perfect forward

Martell continues to see the beautiful Burke

131 seconds and 3 targets for the missile

Dell ran out of juice, Dea exploits