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Labor shortage: Employers are willing to dramatically increase hourly wages

Although the increase in the minimum wage is due to take effect soon, many employers are raising their hourly wages much beyond that in order to attract workers.

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According to a recent survey of nearly 300 top employers, 30% of them would like to make between $5 and $7 more per hour.

This increase will be on top of the new increase in the minimum wage, which will increase on May 1 to $15.25 an hour.

“This is what our internal survey has already shown,” Eric Botet, founder and president of Event Carrier, explains in an interview with TVA Novels.

He adds, “Employers are willing to pay an hourly wage well above the minimum wage to attract labor because in fact we are still short of labor, more than ever.”

The survey was conducted by the organizers of the Employment and Continuing Education Fair, which takes place Wednesday and Thursday at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

Employers who want to offer these hourly rates also come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

“Employers are in different sectors. There are small and medium-sized companies, companies in the manufacturing sector, and services,” Mr. Botet lists.

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