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La Vieille Tablée will become Les Quatre Tablées

La Vieille Tablée will become Les Quatre Tablées

After announcing changes to their business last October, owners of La Vieille Tablée, Véronique Bourque and Benoît St-Onge today confirmed a new name and future address.

And so, at the beginning of 2022, old painting will become The four tables He will settle at 1165, Dion Street in St. George, near Dollarama.

This new name was chosen to represent the four services that the company will offer, namely, ready-to-eat, restaurants, bakery and pastry services.

So Les Quatre Tablées will not be a restaurant, but just a take-out counter.

« This renewed offering may confuse some people, but make sure that the same gastronomic pleasure you have always enjoyed remains the same and that behind every dish you taste, there will be a part of us…in your place”, says Benoît St-Onge, chef and owner.

Please note that La Vieille Tablée restaurant will remain open until mid-March.

Remember, this restaurant opened in 2013 on 6th Avenue North in Saint-Georges, in one of Beauce’s oldest residences.

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