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La Tour: Anik Jean shared a touching message for the final episode

La Tour: Anik Jean shared a touching message for the final episode

It’s this Thursday, April 7th, this Patrick Howard will turn His latest episode of the towerBefore Gildor Roy Replace it in animation. Expect an episode rich in emotions!

Anick Jan She shared a photo of her, her husband, and her son in the beautiful apartment that serves as a filming location, with the following message: Tonight I’ll be with Nathan alongside Patrick on @latour.tva’s latest season show and Jean-Huards’ latest show. Thank you for being there, we love you tonight at tva 7pm. xxxx photo by Marc-Andr√© Lapierre “.

Tonight I’ll be with Nathan alongside Patrick on the season finale.

In fact, on February 17, the comedian and director announced that he will be leaving his position as the host of the popular talk show. With a sad heart, during his usual opening monologue, Patrick Howard, with emotion, made his decision to leave the show. value added tax.

It’s always hard to leave, and even more so when it’s something you love and are proud of. “, He began.

It’s hard to tell that I’m disappointed tonight because it’s such a privilege to let my living room blend in with yours every night for the past two years. Moreover, it is a very strange two years, as talking and listening to each other were not so important before. Nearly 500 people came to chat with me. What an incredible privilege! They made me laugh, they moved me, they charmed me, I learned so many things about life and about me, they changed me ‘, he completed.

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I also realized that I miss them a lot. I miss creativity and working with them. I miss writing stories. It was not an easy decision, I thought a lot. I talked to my family. The truth is, it’s not possible for me to be a talk show host, do movies and serials and be a good father, a good husband, a good son, a great brother and a good friend. Anyway, don’t reach for these great perks ‘ Patrick Howard concluded.

When news broke of Gildor Roy getting the host job, Roy said in a statement:

These are of course great shoes to wear! Patrick does absolutely nothing Unusual, provokes open and frank discussions, where all opinions are welcome. Obviously the audience Appreciate these stimulating exchanges and respectable. I intend to continue with this Feeling and taking this challenge just as much Pride of humility “.

A brilliant artist, Gildor Roy is loved by viewers, and this great affection will surely continue as he will continue to accompany them daily this coming fall at La Tour. We are glad to welcome him again value added tax! ‘, has added Natalie FabianSenior Director, Channels and Programming, Groupe TVA.