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[La semaine en bref] We’re naked in the park!

[La semaine en bref] We’re naked in the park!

All naked and all tanned – In 2005, Jacob Gabriel, a perennial researcher in agriculture, and his friend, journalist Mark Storey, both Americans, had the idea to launch “International Naked Gardening Day,” on the first Saturday in May. Tomorrow is the sixth! The goal is to reconnect with nature in the simplest device and thus, experience a special relaxing moment de-stressing, according to the followers. It is, after all, a way of attuning to one’s environment. Watch out for the nettles though!

copper comet – What might uncontrolled, sometimes fatal inflammation, for example after infection with SARS-CoV-2, and the development of metastases from an original carcinoma, have in common? oxidized copper ions2+. This was discovered by a group of biologists and chemists united in a team from the Institut Curie in Paris. In both cases, thanks to the long sugar molecules (hyalurones), the offending cells allow these copper ions to enter the cytoplasm in large quantities. There, through a few interactions, these ions modulate gene expression and thus direct the fate of cells. The good news is that we have treatments that can prevent them!
[Le Monde]

Underwater Vikings? – Between the years 985 and 1450, the Vikings, following the pioneer – and slightly optimistic – Eric the Red, lived in Greenland and then disappeared without anyone knowing why. Several hypotheses have been put forward: Is it the result of the Little Ice Age, which began in 1250? Cultural and political turmoil in Europe made its economic model obsolete? Pirate raids? Diseases? A team from Durham University, Great Britain It proposes a new factorAnd which would have played an important role in giving up the “green earth”: a local sea level rise of more than 3 metres. This phenomenon would have led to many farms and villages being drowned and thus abandoned. It’s hard to resist the call of the sea, especially when it picks you up in your kitchen!
[Washington Post]

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