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Kyle Palmery cuts in favor of the islanders

Kyle Palmery cuts in favor of the islanders

Kyle Palmeri acquitted General Manager Lou Lamorillo, who had acquired him earlier this season, by completing an extra-time goal brace to give the New York Islanders a 4-3 win over the Penguins on Sunday in Pittsburgh, in a playoff game.

Palmeri opened the scoring in the first half, then ended the match by surprising goalkeeper Tristan Gary with a narrow angle shot in the extra period.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time,” the day hero declared during the press conferences that followed the clash. I don’t take this opportunity to be in the qualifiers so easily. It’s hard to get there. We came here on a mission. We managed to find a way to win. “

Another Lamoriello acquisition, this time in 2020, also featured prominently in the segment. This is veteran Jean-Gabriel Bajo. The latter drew 2-2 in the third half. Brooke Nelson was the other goalscorer for the winning clan, taking advantage of Anthony Bouvillier’s opponent to move the ropes.

Crosby again

Sydney Crosby’s regular in great times, once again served as a spark for Pennsylvania club. He scored his 69th qualifying goal in his 169th game by deflecting Brian Dumoulin’s one-handed shot early in the second half.

“I found we had many opportunities to increase our progress when we were going 2 to 1,” the Penguin captain analyzed. They were able to stay in the game. It was great to keep our lead, but they got a boost and we didn’t score the big goal in overtime. “

Participated in season-ending matches for the first time since 2016-2017, when he donned the Nashville Predators costume, Frédérick Gaudreau also pinched a needle for the Penguins. It was in his condition the fourth goal in nine matches.

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Residents of the island had to dispense with the services of the guard Simeon Varlamov, with the lower body injured. As a result, rookie Ilya Sorokin started his first play-off match and ran 39 times in the win.

With just one more match than his qualifying counterpart, Gary has tested 41 times. Kasperi Kapanen was the other player who tricked his wakefulness.

Penguins coach Mike Sullivan said, “I thought Tristan saved the whole game so well that we got into the game.” There were some great balls from both guards. I just think we need to do a better job as a group. “

The next duel between the two teams will take place on Tuesday, again in Pittsburgh.