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Krystel Mongeau prepares her debut album: "I found out I'm an author"

Krystel Mongeau prepares her debut album: “I found out I’m an author”

The grand winner of the 2022 edition of star AcademyKrystel Mongeau is actively working on her debut album. She wishes with all her heart that she can release this opus in January 2023. There will be many songs written by her hand.

Si Krystel Mongeau didn’t encore the date précise à offfrier en cadeau à ses admirateurs quant à la sortie of his son’s premiere album, it’s qu’elle desire that celui-ci soit perfect en all point avant d’être devoile au grand public.

“We want to make sure the album is 100% like me, right down to the last detail,” the 25-year-old explained to register. We were also looking for the right sound. Mine it will be a new country, but it will still be in French. »

First literature

It must be said that in addition to being the first album of her career, this record marks her first experience as a singer-songwriter. Idea from album director Guy Lefebvre!

“I was talking to him and he said, ‘You seem like you have a lot to say, why don’t you try writing songs? Try it!

The mother of little Elizabeth, who is three years old, the singer inevitably addresses the happiness of being a mother in her texts. It also draws from the lives of the people you are close to in everyday life. So some of the pieces will be original compositions and others, collaborations with authors whose identities you’d prefer to keep secret for the time being.

“A lot of people gave us songs,” says the person who started writing last July. We haven’t made all our choices yet. On some of my songs, I sometimes get a little help from other authors.”

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The singer also performs his first duet with Vincent Nicho on the album First Christmas together From the tenor of the Parisian lyrical pop. The latter has only good words to describe this collaboration with Krystel on the piece first birthday. Mario Pelchat, Martine St. Clair, and Sarah Brightman also participate in the album.

She is also preparing to reunite with her Quebec Issem friends (with whom she had been singing before her visit to… star Academy) with the display party, party ! This will be presented from November 16th to December 30th at Studio-Cabaret at Espace St-Denis, in Montreal.

We are also working on a tour star Academy In March, the singer adds, who will find her friend and nemesis Eloy Cummings there. Let’s just say I’m busy. »