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Kritika - Kritika has been revived with a gameplay model to earn

Kritika – Kritika has been revived with a gameplay model to earn

After being closed twice already, Kritika has been revived again, but this time to incorporate a play-for-profit economic model based on converting in-game currencies into crypto assets.

Many online games have taken a second life by changing their economic model – most often, by moving from a paid offering to a free-to-play model. MORPG Kritika It follows the same pattern but goes from a free-to-play model to a play-to-earn model while waiting for integration NFT to the game world.

For the record, Kritika was launched in South Korea in 2013, then in the West in 2017. This Western version, then launched by En Masse EntertainmentIt was closed in April 2019 before it was taken over by ALLM Co and re-launched on Steam. The game has been quite a relative success there and Kritika Rebbot closed its doors last February. Thus the game will be revived again: the name Kritika Global has been re-launched, and the title will be re-launched on June 8 by Com2us And this time by integrating gameplay mechanics to make money – we know Com2uS is very invested in the P2E ecosystem.

The operator deals with the traditional discourse under the circumstances: the style of play must allow the players to gain duly compensation for the time and effort they put in in the game. Thus, game currencies (diamonds and quartz) will be convertible into crypto assets (C2X and KRX respectively) exchangeable on the C2X terminal platform.
The studio is already planning a roadmap that lists updates Play Upcoming (especially with regard to competitive features, such as tournaments PvP during the third quarter of 2022). Before the end of the year, Com2uS also hopes to deploy an NFT-based system that will also make it possible to monetize objects in the game world.

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We’ll be curious to see if this new “play to earn” version will know a fortune better than the previous two versions. Until then, the project Detailed here.