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Known release date

Known release date

Quickly find out when Virgin River Season 3 will air. Virgin River is a series that airs on the Netflix streaming platform.

In the latter, you can actually watch the first two seasons of the series.

Find out the release date of Virgin River Season 3

In this series, you follow the adventures of Mel, a young nurse who decides to come and settle in a small country town. After her husband dies, Mel wants to start over, away from home and her family. Then she finds herself in the small town of Virgin River where she will meet the handsome Jack.

If you have already completed the first two seasons of the series, you definitely won’t be patient to learn more about the continuation of the show.

So scroll below to find out all about Virgin River Season 3.

What we know about the third season

The end of the first season ended in a terrible drama. In fact, Jack was just shot dead without anyone knowing if he had escaped his wounds.

In this third season, it looks like Jack is out of it because we found the actor who plays his character, Martin Henderson, on the cast.

So this season should focus on the blossoming relationship between Mel and Jack. But, Virgin River season 3 also promises to be particularly rich in twists of all kinds.

In fact, according to the official cast of the series, you will have to prepare for a funeral, a storm, and also a fire, divorce and a completely new romantic relationship. What is certain is that you will never be bored.

Release date for Virgin River season 3

You only have a few weeks to wait as the series is back on Netflix as of July 9, 2021.

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The launch date of the program was revealed on the program’s Twitter account. She is also the crew of the series, by means of a small video, paid attention to this announcement.

Rest assured, you don’t have much time to wait before Mel and Jack reunites for new unseen episodes of Season 3 of Virgin River.

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