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Kings or masks?

Kings or masks?

In May 2021, the federal government granted $29 million in funding to Montreal-based Medicom. This amount should allow the construction of a new plant for medical equipment, including surgical tissue, in the Greater Montreal area.

This federal government initiative is absolutely necessary so that Canada can respond effectively to a new pandemic. However, the location chosen by Medicom to build this new plant is questionable.

In fact, the promoters set their sights on land belonging to the Montreal Airport, a tenant of land owned by Ottawa. Located in Dorval in a green space, the Champ des Monarques, this space is essential for many animal species. So the question arises, what are the reasons for building on this site?

The Champ des Monarques is part of the natural environments totaling 215 hectares north of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport. “The second green lung of Montreal” risks losing its title if such construction takes place. We cannot allow this green environment to break up. The European Environment Agency describes the fragmentation of natural environments as a fragmentation that has cumulative effects on the environment and disrupts the dynamics of many animal groups. Technoparc de Saint-Laurent, an industrial center near the Champ des Monarques, has been emptied by the pandemic. Medicom, in cooperation with consultants from Saint-Laurent’s Department of Economic Development, can come and settle in an empty building in this town rather than destroying green spaces.

These natural environments thrive on flora and fauna, which Medicom doesn’t seem to notice. In fact, its commissioned environmental studies confirm that: “There are no wetlands, rivers, species, sensitive habitats, or protected areas on site.” However, it only takes a peek at the map to find out the opposite.

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The federal government could salvage the situation by banning Medicom from building on this public land. Montreal Airport is currently conducting a public consultation to determine if the construction of this plant may have negative environmental impacts. Knowing that there are more than 3,000 milkweed plants, a thriving group of monarchs, which are an endangered species according to the Status of Endangered Wildlife Commission of Canada, many species of bats and that this land is essential for the flourishing of 205 species of bats and birds in natural environments Ambient, I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that this project is bad for the environment. Medicom must find a new location for its plant.

We must inform our federal officials of our disapproval of this project. In short, our taxes are in the process of destroying this habitat, which is essential for Quebec’s flora and fauna to thrive for future generations. All this to create only 21 jobs.

Do you want to face this project? You can write to federal, local, and municipal elected officials. For more information on issues, see: or

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Toma Eczkowitz / QMI

Julian Bordeaux, 17 years old, student at Cégep de Saint-Laurent