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Kingdom tears? Here are 5 things to do to wait

The release date of this event game has been slated for a long time on the fan calendar. Here are some ways to endure the wait.

Immerse yourself in universes close to those of Hyrule, return there by proxy by offering yourself something beautiful, re-read the tales that marked the creation of the saga or simply by replaying the main episodes of Link’s adventures … the possibilities are many, wait until May 12 Next, the official release date of Kingdom Tears. We have selected five that will satisfy you, directly related or not related to one of the most popular licenses Nintendo.

1 explore Jacket

Released in March last year, indie game Jacket It is a real declaration of love for the first zelda. Its creator, Andrew Shoulders, has never hidden it. In a world represented in isometric 3D dimensions, a young fox goes on an adventure, gradually gaining powers and equipment, while collecting the game’s main artefacts: notice pages that form a puzzle that must be discovered in the title’s true ending. These pages, with their vintage artwork, are inspired by notices zelda And Zelda II Released on the NES.

But the resemblance to the two founding episodes of the Hyrule saga hinges on its visuals and gameplay fundamentals, and looks more on the side of the game. Evil spirits on its hard progress. Publishes its own mysteries, its terribly grainy world, full of visual effects and clever camera, Jacket It also proves to be more difficult, but meritorious. Without guiding the player too much, the title offers an adventure between nostalgia and modernity, perfect for rediscovering the flavor of the first zelda. Moreover, the game is available on all platforms.

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2 Watch the series willow

The series launched on November 30 on Disney+ willow A continuation of the adventures of the 1988 film of the same name. Chance finds Warwick Davis in his charming role, and his refreshingly heroic fantasy world much closer to that of Link than other recent productions of this genre, much darker. Among the slew of serials that are more or less violent, rings of power to tea The Witcherpassing by Dragon house and its horrific sights, willow It almost sounds like an anachronism.

However, this desire to preserve this naivety and this Manichaean side in her world makes the series Madeline a little evocative of great adventure films for young adults. The connection with Hyrule is all too clear when we compare the dangers that await their heroes, faced with ultimate evil with courage and determination as weapons. In addition, the characters, originally created by George Lucas, are reminiscent of the games’ main protagonists and allies. zelda.

3 Treat yourself to a nice statue

Without a doubt, the most ardent collectors have already tried to order the Collector’s Edition from Zelda Tears Kingdom. But whether you’re ready to do anything to get rare items or just want to decorate your game room with items conjuring the saga, The show is able to satisfy all desires. The other good news is that these different figurines can be adapted to all budgets.

© First 4 Characters / Nintendo

The most beautiful statues featuring Princess Zelda in her version Breath of the Wild, amiibos to unlock bonuses in Switch games and micro productions All audiences will find what they are looking for in the huge offer available to them. Special crush for the featured items in the saga, between mask Majora’s Mask and the legendary armor Hyrule.

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4 Read a reference book

A collection of the most beautiful artworks in the saga, exploring its creative processes, anecdotes or even little-known tricks, List of works Looks as rich as the license zelda itself. These books are often fantastic and richly illustrated, allowing you to once again plunge into the world of Hyrule in a different way, almost complementing Link’s adventures. There is even a manga adaptation.

© Sun

Among the totality of books offered we recommend the works of our colleague, Valerie Pressegot (aka Romendel), from Florent George or Felipe Canelas, all experts in the series. Discovering the secrets of the cove in carrying titles personally designed by Onuma and Miyamoto, knowing at your fingertips the genesis of your favorite games, that’s invaluable knowledge, isn’t it?

5 Run a marathon zelda

We advised you some time ago: wait for a release Kingdom Tears Marathon start zelda, in a completely legal way. To do so, head over to our article that details each game’s availability right now, with modern means favored over dusty old consoles.

This would undoubtedly be an opportunity to give lesser-known or popular episodes a second chance. We are especially considering Zelda II and his personal point of view that divided many, Sword toward the sky And being far from to the taste of all fans of the series, or even the two episodes Capcom has thought of, Season festivals And Oracle of Ages, released on GameBoy Color. You can also put that long wait to good use to complete your ride, following in the footsteps of the Triforce.

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