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King Felipe rewards Rafael Nadal for his contribution to Spain's image in the United States

King Felipe rewards Rafael Nadal for his contribution to Spain’s image in the United States

King Felipe VI visited the auditorium of the University of Alcalá in Madrid on Tuesday, September 20, to present an award to tennis player Rafael Nadal. The Majorcan player was honored for his professional work, which allows Spain to shine as far as America.

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Tennis player Rafael Nadal rewarded the Spanish values ​​he spread in America

After attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral together, King Felipe and Queen Letizia went their separate ways as they parted ways in London on Monday. Queen Letizia has traveled to New York, where she is set to attend a series of health-related engagements as King Felipe delivers engagements in Spain.

This Tuesday, September 20, King Felipe was expected in the auditorium of the University of Alcalá, where the Franklin Institute of the same University of Madrid organized the presentation of his prize. The Camino Real Prize is awarded for the fifth time. The prize, whose name means “Royal Path,” rewards individuals who, through their career or their professional path, have helped to enhance the image of Spain in the United States.

King Felipe VI presents the Camino Real to Rafael Nadal (Photo: Gtres/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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Franklin Institute Director Jose Vicente Saas delivered a speech before the awards ceremony. José Ignacio Coricolzari, president of CaixaBank, which sponsors the award, praised this year’s recipient. King Philip declared himself A speech By awarding the prize to Rafael Nadal, who was selected this year by the Research Institute. “Through this recognition, our Rafa Nadal becomes a new link in Spain’s chain of excellence, who, thanks to their commendable and exceptional work in various areas of society, contribute to the promotion and dissemination of Spain’s image of excellence”. King pointed out that Rafael Nadal had sent the picture back “Transmits very real and positive values” From Spain.

La Casa Real notes that the Board of the Institute has unanimously decided to award the Camino Real Prize to Rafael Nadal. His proudest moments in America include his four wins at the US Open in 2010, 2013, 2017 and 2019. He has won other tournaments in the US in Miami, Cincinnati or in Canada, Toronto and Montreal. .

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During the first edition of this prize, tenant Placida Domingo received the prize. Cardiologist Valentin Fuster won the second edition, followed by basketball player Pau Gasol and finally, the fourth recipient was actor Antonio Banderas. The Franklin Institute is the only Hispanic research institute in North America. Founded in 1987, it offers scholarships, supports research and imparts knowledge on the relations between Spain and North America.

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