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King Charles III's 'sausage fingers' caused a reaction

King Charles III’s ‘sausage fingers’ caused a reaction

It is now over, Charles III of the United Kingdom.

At the age of 73, he takes on the responsibilities of the crown, but many are concerned about his health.

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Numerous photos and videos have circulated since he was declared king, and one can notice that Charles III’s hands look very red and swollen. His fingers especially attracted the audience’s attention.

France Press agency

It’s a problem that the King has struggled with for several years and Charles himself called “sausage fingers” during a 2012 interview in Australia.

There are several reasons that can explain the appearance of the hands and feet of the eldest son of Elizabeth II.

According to some doctors, swollen hands can be a sign of arthritis, edema (accumulation of bodily fluids in the hands and feet) or even a simple sign of aging.

Here are some reactions from netizens to the king’s photos:

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