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Kim Putin shared the silver in both worlds, bye bye Charles Hamlin with the bronze

Putin won her third silver of these world championships in the 1000m, an event in which two Canadian skaters competed at the Morris Richard Arena.

The 27-year-old Sherbrooke native took second place, with a time of 1 minute 28 seconds 276/1000, behind South Korea’s Mingyong Choi. New Brunswick Courtney Sarlault fell on the last lap.

In the second group final, Germany’s Anne Seidl (1:30.882), and Alison Charles (1:31.498) won the fifth and last place in the group.

Putin then won his fourth silver in the 3,000m, and finished second, behind Mingyeong Choi, again.

The correct strategy was to stay very close to South Korea. Kim skated wellsaid Marianne St. Gillies, an analyst at Radio Canada Sports.

With his victory, Putin would have won the overall standings title. In the end she took second place.

Kim Putin

Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS / Eric Bolte

In the 3000m relay, the last of these worlds, the Canadian team made up of Putin, Florence Brunel, Alison Charles and Courtney Sarlault finished second with a time of 4:09,717.

Putin, who was recently, has been narrowly surpassed by another South Korean torchbearer, who has outdone her abroad.

It was the prolific skater’s fifth medal from Sherbrooke, having posted second on Saturday in the 500 and 1500m.

This title of Vice World Relay Champion for the Canadians is a band-aid after what happened at the Olympics.Marianne Saint Gillies said.

The last Charles Hamlin

In the 5000m relay, for the final competition of Charles Hamlin’s career, the Canadian team of Hamlin, Jordan-Pierre Gill, Stephen Dubois and Pascal Dion ended up on the third stage of the podium, after completing the race in 6:56,807.

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South Korea (6:56.709) beat the Netherlands.

We tend to want to shut the door, but Charles instead leaves it, and that may have cost the number one spot, but the boys did very wellMarianne St Gillies analyzed.

Both men smile after running.

Charles Hamlin and Pascal Dion

Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS / Eric Bolte

Earlier today, Dion won the Super 3000m final in style, recording 4:42.214.

Montrealer defeated South Korea’s Jun Seo Lee and Dutchman Cinke Knigt. He was the only Canadian to take part in this event.

With his victory, Dion became the vice world champion in the general classification.

The 27-year-old won the 1000m B final with a time of 1:26,931.

No Canadian took part in the Final A. Hungarian Shawang Liu won with a time of 1:25.462, confirming the defense of his title in the overall standings.

Stephen Dubois was eliminated in the semi-finals, while Jordan-Pierre Gilles was stopped out in the quarter-finals.

His tongue sticks out during the race.

Pascal Dion in Montreal

Photo: USA TODAY SPORTS / Eric Bolte