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Kim Lévesque-Lizotte Reveals 'After Gemini Party'

Kim Lévesque-Lizotte Reveals ‘After Gemini Party’

It was held on Sunday evening, the 36th of the blessed month of Ramadan Gemini Award And for the occasion, Several stars have walked the gorgeous red carpet. Usually, after this type of evening, there is always a big party organized so that the artists can decompress the gin and tonic.

This year was again an exception. Epidemiological forces, it seems that some aspects of traditional gala are no longer possible.

On his Instagram account, comedian, screenwriter and author, Kim Levsk LizoteWe shared a picture of her and her handsome husband Eric Bruno He mentions, with humor, that the next gig for Gemini’s party is “ more than it used to be “Reveals what he has” Gemini after party On his Instagram account.

We discover the star wearing her dress at home, while her sweetheart, actor Eric Bruno, appears to be in soft pants, which makes us think of Bruce Lee and… kill Bill.

“Yep, the Gemini after party, that’s what it was…”, Lizotte simply calls out with humor, regarding the new styles of festivities due to sanitary measures.

Remember that Eric Bruno was nominated for a Gemini Award this year for his role in diverse.

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