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Kill Bill 3: Quentin Tarantino wants to hire Uma Thurman's daughter

Kill Bill 3: Quentin Tarantino wants to hire Uma Thurman’s daughter

What would this famous ‘last movie’ be that Quentin Tarantino would like to shoot before ending his career as a director?

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After years of speculation, it’s still hard to say, as the famous director himself is still unsure of his next – and final – journey behind the camera. However, if Tarantino ever decides to make a file Kill Bill 3The manager has his own idea of ​​how he wants to move forward.

In the past, echoes have emerged that the American director would like to narrate the revenge of the daughter of knife expert Verneta Green, the first target of The Bride performed by Uma Thurman.

However, in this week’s interview with host Joe Rogan, she mentioned before movie total, Tarantino explained that if he came to shoot لإطلاق Kill Bill 3, he’d actually like to play the bride’s daughter…and he doesn’t hire any of Thurman’s daughter, Maya Hawke, to play the role.

“I think it would be possible to see the characters again 20 years later and just imagine that the bride and her daughter, BB, had peace for 20 years and then that peace was destroyed and now the bride and BB are in. Leak. Just the idea of ​​being able to hire Uma and her daughter Maya for this.” …that would be very exciting.”

Note that this won’t be the first time the director owes him too Pulp Fiction And the Inglourious BasterdsMaya Hawke will be starring in one of her films. This one, best known for her role as Robin in Weird thingsShe played a student of Charles Manson in Once upon a time in Hollywood.

Firmly, Quentin Tarantino has been talking these days. last friday, In an interview with Bill MaherThe director had confirmed his intention to stop the cinema after his next film. “I know the history of cinema,” he had said, “and for a moment directors didn’t get any better.”

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He also confirmed that he had already thought about reworking tank dogs. “It would kind of capture time in an instant. I wouldn’t, the internet. But I thought about it,” however he softened.

All this to say that an aura of mystery still floats around Tarantino’s next and final feature film…even if the latter seems to have more than one idea. Kill Bill 3. It will follow, therefore.

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