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Kevin Spacey is back in the movie 3 years after he was charged

Kevin Spacey is back in the movie 3 years after he was charged

Kevin Spacey will play a small role, which is Police Detective. This is the actor’s first role in a movie or TV series since, in October 2017, American actor A.Tony Rap, claimed that Kevin Spacey made his sexual advances in 1986 When he was only 14 years old.

In 2019, Kevin Spacey has been charged with sexual assault On a teenager in 2016.

Allegations of sexual misconduct have also been filed against the actor before No less than 20 actors from Old Vic Theater, London.

As a result of these accusations and allegations, Kevin Spacey was excluded from the series House of cards And the role he was going to play All the money in the world (All the money in the worldTo Christopher Plummer.

I just know he’s a good actor

authorized The man who drew God, Which means in French The man who drew God , This movie will be shot by September by Italian actor and director Franco Nero, who will also play the main character.

The director told ABC News that I’m so happy Kevin agreed to be a part of my movie. I consider him an amazing actor.

Asked The New York Times Film producer Luis Nero said of the sexual assault charges:I just know he’s a good actor, that’s it.

According to the information received from The New York TimesAnd the The man who drew God It tells the story of an artist who depicts people from their voices.

Vanessa Redgrave, who is married to Franco Nero, would play a small educational role there if she were able to travel from England, where she lives, to Italy, where the movie will be shot.

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