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Kevin Boleyn finally puts his bags at home

Kevin Boleyn finally puts his bags at home

Trois Rivers | Play 50 games for New York Islanders. Then goalkeeper Kevin Boleyn traveled around the world: Connecticut, California, Kazakhstan, Laval, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

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At the age of 31, someone who will start the first night in the history of the Trois-Rivières Lions will be happy to finally settle in Quebec.

Even if, at first, Montrealer who signed the MLS contract with the Canadian wanted to do it in Laval, and not in Trois-Rivieres.

He also took part in CH’s bootcamp, and had a few stints in an exhibition match before cutting.

“When I signed up, I was already told about this possibility [de se retrouver dans la ECHL]Bolin explained yesterday. I knew it was possible, and even very possible when you look deep into the organization of Canadians. You are the fifth guard. “

“But I’m in a good state of mind,” he added. I just want to do well this is our first year in the league, we want to do well. We’re a lot of Kwiebakers too, it’s such an honor to be here. “

Much less than Astana

Above all, it would be easier for the Paulines to go to see their favorite play in Trois-Rivières than in Astana or Berlin.

“It’s good to be back in North America, and even to Quebec,” the goalkeeper noted. We have a house in Longueuil, and my wife and two children are still there. They will be able to come see me on the weekends, when there is no school. “

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“It will be the first time my family has been able to come to see me play since I was young, 12 years ago. [alors qu’il jouait avec les Tigres de Victoriaville] ! »

new adaptation

With the Lions, Pauline will play his first matches in the English Football League. Another new league, another adaptation of the veteran.

This is the risk of being special. The Lions did not play in any pre-season meeting. So the goalkeeper is not sure what to expect in terms of level of play.

“Without facing the other teams, I have no idea what it would look like,” he admitted. But I see the talent we have and I am sure we will be competitive. On the other hand, it may take a few games for us to adapt. “